Sexual Compatibility versus Good Relationships

Being sexually compatible and having a good working relationship can be two different things. Kudos to those couples and those “non-couples” who have both, you’re the lucky ones. A lot of people experience sexual incompatibility while in a relationship. While you’re in a sweet blooming relationship or an emotionally fulfilling relationship, sometimes sexual incompatibility wouldn’t be a problem; until one of you start to feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled in the bedroom activities, then it turns into a problem.

For this blog post, when we say “sexual compatibility”, we mean one out of the two people in a “relationship” isn’t experiencing a satisfactory sexual gratification. It could be because this person has a higher sex drive than the other one, or that this person could be interested in exploring their sexual boundaries while the other one isn’t. When this happens, the one who isn’t experiencing sexual gratification to their full potential will start to contemplate whether they should continue on the relationship. Before you start pondering on, think really long and hard on what the end result might be. Don’t rush into things. Let’s elaborate and help you decide.

Sexual Gratification or Relationship

This could be a difficult decision to make. On one hand, you’re in a beautiful relationship with this person whom you love and adore, you guys get along so well, you support each other in everything you do; this is the one person you lean on, this is the one person you share everything with; there’s no way you’d ruin what you have. On the other hand, whenever you have sex, you want more than vanilla or your sex drives are just on two completely different levels and this starts to bother you.

Sexual compatibility is important, no doubt about it. But if you want the best of both worlds, you need to have a no holds barred open conversation with your partner. Don’t hold back on what you want in the bedroom. If your partner agrees to try things out to please you better, just go ahead. Of course there will have to be some sort of compromise but if the relationship is worth keeping, you both have to work hard on it.

If even after this compromise you’re still not getting the sexual gratification that you’re looking for but you’re still invested in the relationship, maybe it’s time to seek help. There are many sex therapists out there who can help couples understand each other’s sexual needs and desires and help work things out for couples. These sexual therapists or sexologists could either be people who purely listen and give advice or professional escorts who are also sexologists and offer hands-on services for couples who seek their help.

My Playmate, an escort directory in Australia, has a list of escorts who also offer sex therapy for couples. Whether it’s just to spruce things up in the bedroom or to help couples explore their sexual boundaries, these professional private escorts are available to help.

We as human beings in the modern world are very sexual in our nature, especially with sex when everything is readily available to us at the touch of a button. And like the famous Oscar Wilde quote goes, “Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.” So when there’s a struggle between sex and relationships, there will always be a winner and a loser. It’s up to us to decide which one we choose.

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Angelo Leen