Know The Beautiful Escorts In Toronto (Canada)

Although prostitution is an illegal offence in any country but in some states or countries it is legal to work as a sex worker. In 2014, a new law has been passed where selling sexual services will be legal whereas purchasing the services will be illegal. There has been a disagreement from long time between two groups of their society. Prostitution is unacceptable by those who see it as a crime or exploitative part of the society whereas some view it as an important part of the society. Escort services help to decrease the rape cases also as it creates interaction between the youth and their growing curiosity. This is the reason; it has been made legal in some of the countries and states. The word Prostitute has also been replaced. It has been replaced by the words “Sex Workers” or “Escorts” as few people choose to make a career out of it and it should sound professional.

Different aspects of escort services in Toronto

Making a career in this field for monetary reasons is legal in most of the places in Canada, especially in Toronto but few people oppose these activities as they see it as a challenge for the youth. It leads to the continuity of the sex trade illegally. Escort services in Toronto is very common since 1867 but it is legal only for those who are above the age of 18.

As per the current database, there are more than 10,000 Escorts in Toronto working as a sex worker. Although it is legal to work as a sex worker in but on the other hand it also contributed to increase the criminal activities in last few years such as minors got attracted to this industry and more than known escorts have been murdered.

There is no recorded database of the exact numbers of the escorts working in Toronto or Canada. Not all the sex workers outside, as per the subcommittee’s estimation 5-20% escorts involve outside escort services. As per some of the surveys, 50% of the sex workers are working for themselves and other 50% are involved in this field due to the immense pressure by pimps. Also according to a survey in 1998, 7% of Canadian men have admitted that they have exchanged sex with the escorts. In Most of the sex workers are aged between 22-25 young girls and they have started working as a sex worker since they were 16-20 years old and 30-70% escorts have children. Another aspect of the escort service is consuming drug while doing sex which encourages the use of drug in youth.

Health challenges for escorts

As per the survey, 26% of the Escorts in Toronto are infected by HIV which is 1.21% and much higher than the National rate. This is because injecting drugs in unprotected manner and unprotected physical contact. It is not that the escorts have this problem and spreading HIV amongst their clients. In some of the cases, it is the escorts who are getting affected by the clients or vice versa. This is the reason it has been suggested to the escorts and the clients to take proper precaution while exchanging sex, so that they shouldn’t get affected as the youth is the future of a country and escorts bread and butter is based on their job of sex worker. So, they should take good care of their health.

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