How to Get the Most of Anal Play for Men

Toss any preconceived notions that exploring your backside makes you any less of a man or makes you gay. There are straight men out there that love the vagina and still love getting their backside banged.

First you need to make yourself comfortable. Take a hot shower before you begin. This serves two purposes. Getting yourself cleaned back there and will help you relax even more. If you’re a beginner, your finger might be the best way to get acquainted with anal stimulation and later you can make things more interesting by adding toys in the mix. Have some lubricant or gel on standby for anal play as well. Entering without being properly lubed or feeling relaxed may make you regret your decision.

When you begin, you have options. Lie on your back with your legs and your bum slightly elevated or you can lie on your side with your top leg forward. The position you feel more relaxed in will be the best one for you. Lube up your finger and begin by massaging your anus gently until it relaxes around your fingertip and lets your finger inside without effort. Just like a vagina when it’s relaxed and excited to let you in, your bum will do the same. The only difference is that your bum is not self-lubricating hence the importance of lube.

There is no tried and true technique that is better than the other. It will depend on your personal preference as your body will react to every single stroke and thrust of your finger. Be prepared and take it slow and pay attention to your own body’s reactions. As you explore deeper inside your anal cavity toward the prostate, your body will react in a way that causes a tightening around your finger. When that happens, hold your position until you relax again. Once your body relaxes again, slowly continue moving your finger forward while gently stroking in and out, use circular movements if preferred.

As this is your first venture in anal stimulation, don’t be discouraged if it feels weird because the key to your first anal adventure is allowing your body to react and respond so take your time and relax. Once you find the best technique for you, whether it’s circular movements, intense pressure or moving in and out, you can start introducing anal toys and/or let your partner do it for you.

Once you’re well acquainted with anal play, you can try exploring different positions and adding extra kinks. Let your partner give you a blowjob while she works on your. Or let your partner give you a rim job and see how well you enjoy it and vice versa for more mind-blowing orgasms.

The possibilities are endless.

Anal stimulation can be one of the best sexual experiences you can encounter. In saying that, we’re not telling you to jump on the band wagon right away. It’s all strictly up to you. We only want to be your guide to your first anal encounter with happy results.

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Angelo Leen