Better Health and Lifestyle Ensured with Healthy Masturbation

Now that the World Masturbation Month is about halfway and everyone realizes that masturbation is healthy, and also nothing to be ashamed of, there is nothing else to talk about here at the office. All well and good, but as far as we are concerned, there are limits to what has to be ‘discussed’.

The Surveys Say

Research shows that 95 percent of men and 80 percent of women regularly masturbate. Boys usually also start a little earlier than girls. Research in the Netherlands among 14- to 15-year-olds found a percentage of 68% of boys who said they were masturbating, while this percentage was 31% for girls. At a later age there are probably about as many men as women who almost never masturbate or who do it frequently. For the male now, the best male masturbator is increasingly becoming important.

Wrong Notion

Yet some people still think that masturbation is unhealthy, a sexual deviation, or a normal (sexual) relationship would stand in the way. Research shows that, for example, about 10% of young people are more negative about it. While a recent survey by Flair showed that quite a few women are ashamed of masturbation: 55 percent never talk about it because she finds it too personal or is ashamed. The other 45 percent sometimes makes a comment about it, but seldom or never goes into detail.

Better Results

However, masturbation is not something to be ashamed of, on the contrary. Masturbation is a normal, pleasant and even healthy sexual practice, which can even benefit your relationship. Masturbation relaxes, reduces stress and is good for the mood. This is partly due to the increased hormone production. Masturbation helps to fall asleep. It could also help with the restless legs syndrome. Masturbation possibly strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

Better Health

Masturbation improves the blood circulation of the body and especially the lower abdomen. Masturbation may help prevent urinary tract and cervical infections through the so-called ‘tenting effect’ that occurs during sexual arousal. Here the cervix contracts and expands the vagina, while the vaginal wall secretes more fluid. This increases the acidity in the cervix and the vagina, which has a positive effect on the bacterial flora, and harmful bacteria are removed.

Other Benefits for Women and Men

Masturbation can help against menstrual pain. Masturbation can help against vaginal dryness and narrowing after menopause, helping to prevent irritation and pain during sex. Masturbation is safe for sexually transmitted diseases, STI. If, by fingering or masturbating, sperm, menstrual blood or vaginal fluid is brought into contact with the mucous membranes from one to the other, there is a minimal risk of infection with an STD. As long as you do not use dangerous attributes that can injure the genitals, nothing can go wrong with masturbation.


Masturbation is part of the discovery of your own body and is even recommended to become more familiar with your own body. It has a positive influence on sexual development and on subsequent sexual experiences, according to numerous studies. Mastery is also common within a relationship. Research shows, for example, that the women who masturbate most often are women who have the most satisfying sexual life with a partner. Now the realistic mouth masturbator for males is really filling up the requirement for them.

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Angelo Leen